Vic Hutfield

Odin’s Horse Built by Russ Hubble Boats RHB.


Photo taken on 26th November 2011, the day I took delivery of her.

Photo of weedhatch of Odin’s Horse built by Russ Hubble Boats.

Article printed in the November 2012 issue of Canal Boat magazine.


Sinkings spark warning to 'batten down the hatches'

AFTER SEVERAL RECENT sinkings, the Boat Safety Scheme Office has issued a warning reminding boaters to carry out a daily check of their weed hatch to make sure it's properly secured before travelling anywhere.

The BSS also recommends inspecting the hatch body, cover and sealing gasket at least annually, to see that SchemeBoat Safety they are still in good condition with no early signs problems.

In addition to checking the condition of the hatch, the BSS also has recommendations concerning the installation. In particular, a distance of at least 150mm between the weed hatch top and the normal waterline on the boat is a good standard. However even if the boat was built to comply with this, changes to ballasting or equipment added during the boat's life might mean the rear of the craft sitting lower in the water, reducing this - and the effect of the boat going through the water will make the effect worse. "The boat's stern will also naturally pull down when underway, but the disturbance of water from the propeller may test the weed hatch seals every time the boat is put in gear," said BSS Manager, Graham Watts.


Odin’s Horse Built by Russ Hubble Boats