Vic Hutfield

During the period of 1909/11 Vic HUTFIELD is proprietor of Corinthian Workshop for motor engineers; this is now Solent Bricks in Brockhurst Road, Gosport, just opposite Cambridge Road. This workshop is where he constructed the steel work of an aeroplane for Lieutenant Porte; he also built his (the RAS) aeroplane here.

He transfers the motor business to the corner of Brockhurst Road/ Harding Road (now Reekies). At these premises he is building Hutfield JAP motorcycles. The roof of this garage was once the roof of the hangar at Grange field.

The name Hutfield lived on in Gosport for many years with Cecil his nephew, running the coach travel business in Forton Road, Gosport, where Lidl’s store is now.

In 1939 Vic bought the old military prison in Lees Lane, Gosport. With help from relatives and workmen it is demolished, except for the main entrance arch. The rubble is put through a brick crusher and new blocks are formed. The crusher is adapted for the job by Vic. In the photo, Vic is standing on the far right, the man in the centre is his brother, and the two boys on the left are his nephews. The other workman’s identity remains unknown. The bricks, which he makes, are used to build his bungalow, Chilworth, in Lees Lane Gosport, and semi-detached dwellings for let on the site of the old prison.